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Botox Specialist

Dr. Jay Amin and his staff at Dr. Jay’s Medi Spa serve the residents of Tustin, California and many other nearby communities. The doctor is a board-certified physician who specializes in many different cosmetic procedures including Botox® and massage therapy.

Disclaimer: Results varies on every patients. *

Botox Q & A

What Is Botox®?*

Botox® is a drug that has many different uses. It is made from a toxic bacteria known as botulinum toxin type A. It works by temporarily paralyzing muscles. The reduction in muscle activity allows for certain reactions within the body. It can reduce the pain and inflammation associated with TMJ, joint disorders, and other types of injuries. In cosmetic procedures, it is commonly used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin in specific areas of the face and neck. Botox® has been effectively used to remove wrinkles around the eyes, nose and the corners of the mouth, as well as across the forehead.

Is Botox® Painful?*

The serum used in Botox® treatments is injected into the tissue just below the surface of the skin. A certain amount of pain and discomfort may be felt at the injection site, both during the injection procedure as well as afterward. The doctor performing the procedure will numb the injection site prior to the procedure by using either cold packs or a mild, topical anesthetic. In most cases, pain is not reported as a major side effect of a Botox® treatment. It is commonly used in pain management treatment plans to help control the discomfort of certain types of chronic headaches and body pain. The injection area may be somewhat tender for a short period of time after the procedure.

How Long Does It Take to Heal From a Botox® Procedure?*

Botox® procedures require very little healing time. They are basically considered to be minimally invasive since they are administered through injections using relatively small needles. A Botox® injection can last approximately three months, maybe longer, if the patient responds well to the treatment. Slight pain and minimal discomfort are often reported near the injection site. Once the procedure has been performed, there may be a slight irritation to the area, but otherwise, it heals rather quickly. Most people can return to work within two or three days after an injection. There is also very little risk of infection associated with this type of treatment.