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EndyMed Specialist

At Dr. Jay’s Laser Medi Spa, Dr. Jay Amin and his highly trained staff serve the residents of Tustin, California and the surrounding area. The doctor is a board-certified physician specializing many different cosmetic treatment options including Endymed.

Disclaimer: Results varies on every patients. *

EndyMed Q & A

What Is Endymed?*

Endymed® is a skin resurfacing technique that offers many different benefits. Not only does it tighten the skin, it reduces wrinkles and can sufficiently lighten darker areas of skin that have become damaged by the sun or elements. It is a three-dimensional system that works deep below the skin’s surface to stimulate the production of collagen and to re-introduce volume and integrity to both the skin and to the several layers of soft tissue that lie underneath. The procedure is non-invasive and heals in a very short period of time. The patient can resume their normal daily activities within a few hours of having the procedure performed.

What Is 3DEEP® Technology?*

3DEEP® technology relies on the use of state of the art software and RF waves to elicit a healing response deep within the skin. This technology penetrates deep within the layers of tissue located directly under the skin. 3DEEP technology allows the doctor ultimate control of the depth and temperature of the RF waves used to perform the procedure. This means that various levels of heat are used in different areas at different times to produce the effects needed to smooth the wrinkles from the skin and re-introduce both volume and elasticity. 3DEEP technology and the Endymed® procedure go hand in hand to produce the best possible results when it comes to skin tightening and anti-aging results.

Does the Procedure Cause Any Side Effects?*

Endymed and 3DEEP technology are minimally invasive techniques. RF waves are used to penetrate deeply into the layers of tissue underneath the skin. While this does not produce an excessive amount of pain, the heat that is created can result in several different side effects. A red or pinkish tint to the skin, slight irritation or rash over the area where the RF waves were introduced, and the flesh being tender to the touch may all be present. In some cases, the area may become slightly inflamed. The symptoms normally begin to appear as soon as the procedure is complete and may last for several days to a week.