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Tattoo Removal Specialist

In Tustin California, Dr. Jay’s Laser Medi Spa provides effective Laser Tattoo removals for any patient looking to remove unwanted or outdated body art.

Disclaimer: Results varies on every patients. *

Tattoo Removal Q & A


Should I Remove my Tattoo?*

In recent years, tattoos have become more prevalent and vastly more colorful than ever before. Simple two-tone tattoos have been replaced with professional, multi-hued tattoos. While tattoos are more popular than ever, a steadily increasing number of people want to remove these embellishments.

For some, tattoos represent an impulsive decision that now may affect the rest of their lives. For others, the tattoos from their youth are simply no longer relevant to their lives today. Or maybe you want to clean the palate for a new piece of art. Laser tattoo removal can provide a solution.

The decision to remove a tattoo may not be an easy one. Whether it is for professional purposes, to remove symbols of your past, or to correct an artistic change of heart, there is no one reason that people come to Dr. Jay’s Laser Medi Spa for tattoo removal. Some people want their tattoo completely gone, while others prefer to lighten the tattoo with a few treatments in preparation for a cover-up. We make the process of fading or complete removal as safe, painless and as affordable as possible.

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Disclaimer: Results may varies.

How can I Remove my Tattoo’s?*

Older methods of tattoo removal involved burning, scraping or cutting out the tattoo. Older lasers work by burning rather than fading tattoos. The resulting scar was frequently worse than the original tattoo. Q-switched lasers are better because they remove the tattoo while minimizing damage to the skin. They work by causing the ink in the skin to “fracture”. These smaller ink particles are then removed by the body’s immune system. The tattoo is faded gradually with each treatment, so multiple treatments are required.

Lutronic has developed an ingenious way to assist doctors in removing every color of tattoos. The Spectra VRM III laser can reliably remove dark ink and red ink tattoos, as well as the increasingly common green and sky blue ink. The VRM II laser offer the correct wavelengths for full-color spectrum tattoo removal.

How Long Does Tattoo Removal Take?*

Professional tattoos, on average, require five or more treatments, while amateur tattoos require four or more sessions due to the different composition of inks. Treatments are spaced approximately four to eight weeks apart.