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Weight Loss Specialist

Dr. Jay Amin is a board-certified physician at Dr. Jay’s Medi Spa who specializes in helping patients reach their weight loss goals. The doctor and his staff serve the residents of Tustin, California as well as many nearby communities and neighborhoods.

Disclaimer: Results varies on every patients. *

Weight Loss Q & A

What Is a Medical Weight Loss Program?*

A medical weight loss program is a weight management program that is supervised by a medical doctor and a highly trained team of professionals who specialize in various aspects of weight loss. This type of weight loss program is best for individuals who need to lose a large amount of weight. It is also an excellent choice for those who have other health conditions that may have an impact on how they lose weight. A doctor will thoroughly examine the patient to uncover any health issues that may be present. A weight management program will be created that involves an exercise regimen and complete diet program that will take into account all of the patient’s current health problems.

Can Massage Therapy Help a Person Lose Weight?*

Massage therapy can help a person lose excess pounds, especially if they have difficulty doing conventional types of exercise. A person who has been sedentary for long periods of time may have trouble exercising due to stiffness in the joints. Massage therapy can be used to help improve mobility and an increased range of motion, allowing the patient to move more freely. As they begin to regain their ability to exercise, massage therapy also works to flush toxins and excess fluid from the body. As the patient begins to lose more and more weight, deep tissue massage will help to strengthen and tone the body, making it much more efficient and better able to shed excess weight.

Why Is It Important to Lose Weight Under the Supervision of a Doctor?*

If a patient has unknown health issues, losing weight in an unsafe manner can lead to a healing crisis. Losing weight under the supervision of a doctor who specializes in medical weight loss and management can prevent a person from aggravating an existing condition. The doctor will be able to create an exercise program and diet that are nutritionally sound. These will help the patient lose the weight they need without placing undue stress on the body or causing a flare-up of an existing condition. Individuals who have diabetes or a health condition that involves their metabolism or other endocrine function should always seek the help of a physician if they are interested in trying to lose weight.